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House Blessing Services

House Blessings

Have you ever smudged your house and had the thing come right back? There’s things that are done differently between a holy man and a normal person. Most people who do house blessings don’t know what their doing and only make the spirits angry and things worse.

The house blessing method taught at the Lohan Temple comes from Grandmaster Dashi Steve Baugh and his 30 years of experience doing house blessings. He has a lineage of Native American, Taoist and Buddhist methods of house blessings that he received from his teachers. This is a massive difference between someone just going in and doing something they read somewhere.

If requested, the Lohan Temple offers full house blessing services. Get help from an experienced temple member. The recommended donation is $100.

You can email or call the Lohan Temple at 1-702-659-6507

The Lohan Temple also has a guide posted here:…/proper-methods-for-house-blessings-i…