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Dharma Rites

To inquire or request a Dharma Rite please email or call us at 702-659-6507.

The Lohan Temple’s Dharma Rites are a type of prayer ceremony where a group of esoteric practitioners gather to chant together for a common goal; their efforts can help overcome an obstacle with relative ease. We offer many types of Dharma Rites (see list below). The rites have been proven to be one of the greatest services the Lohan Temple has to offer.

With The Lohan Temple being of Hanmi lineage, we offer the community many various Dharma Rites. A Dharma Rite is a Buddhist ritual prayer ceremony where a group of esoteric practitioners gathers together and prays for a common goal. A group of practitioners who have experience working together with advanced states of consciousness can overcome an obstacle with relative ease that would be insurmountable for one person alone. Each Dharma Rite consists of a specific set of various mantras and take between 30 minutes to an hour depending on the Dharma Rite requested. Our temple makes these Dharma Rites available to the worldwide community, there is no need to attend in person if you should request one.

Why Do People Request Dharma Rites?
Most commonly we do Dharma Rites to help people overcome obstacles they are having with health, wealth, and luck. It is also common for people to request a Dharma Rite for a deceased relative. Sometimes Dharma Rites are held to celebrate a special occasion, like a holiday, or birthday, or simply to pray for world peace.

If you do happen to request a Dharma Rite, then an offering to the Lohan Temple is required. Why is this? To request a Dharma Rite and to receive the blessings and prayers, some form of exchange of energy has to be involved. This makes an offering of currency the simplest and most effective type of offering.

Recommended minimum donation of $300 per person for the Dharma Rite (other auspicious numbers to donate include: $600, $900, etc.)

(One Dharma Rite can be effectively used for multiple people. The effectiveness is based on the merit you create when you make an offering to the Temple.)

(Simply: the more you offer, the more effective the healing and blessings will be from the ritual. This is based off the concept of Karma, cause and effect. You create the causes for healing and blessings by supporting the temple, and the effect is that you receive the healing and blessings)

  • An Tai Sui Dharma Rite
    The “An Tai Sui” Dharma Rite is a protective, life-enhancing prayer ceremony that is of exclusive benefit to those born under any of the four zodiac signs that are in conflict with or offending the upcoming year’s ruling sign. The ceremony extinguishes personal spiritual obstacles, and creates good spiritual cause for overflowing financial resources. It also extinguishes disasters, suffering, and difficulties. Those born under the “offending” Chinese zodiac animal signs are strongly recommended to register for the An Tai Sui Dharma Rite. The Lohan Temple performs this Dharma Rite yearly near the Chinese New Year, you can attend in person or have your name put in an envelope on the altar to receive the blessings.
  • Assist the Deceased Dharma Rite
    The Assist the Deceased Dharma Rite is used to help the soul of a recently deceased loved one to make their final transition to the next realm. Relieve the grief of loss and unresolved attachments. Clear and strengthen your connection to your ancestors while creating ancestral merit.
    For more information see Master Yu’s transcripts on Assisting the Deceased
  • Extinguish Disaster Dharma Rite
    The Extinguish Disaster Rite is used to provide comfort through prayer and spiritual healing for hospital patients. It can help a person recover from an illness or improve the odds for an upcoming surgery. It can also be used for protection during environmental disasters (wild fires, etc.)
  • Luck Change Dharma Rite
    Whether you just need a little extra assistance to help you through an endeavor or you need a total change in your life; with a strong blessing behind you, many things you thought were out of reach will fall easily into your hands. It is very effective if conducted before an important business deal or when facing litigation.
    For more information see Master Yu’s transcripts on luck change.
  • Thousand Light Dharma Rite
    The Thousand Light Dharma Rite is used for general blessings for health, wealth, and good luck for an individual and for all sentient beings. It is generally done with the An Tai Shui Dharma Rite to benefit all beings at the start of the Chinese New Year.
  • Birthday, Marriage or Anniversary Dharma Rite
    The Birthday, Marriage, or Anniversary Dharma Rite can be done for yourself and for any loved one. This powerful blessing that will attract health, wealth, happiness and good fortune throughout the coming year. There is no need to attend in person, but if you do so, you can invite your loved ones to join the celebration! Duration: 30 minutes on the same day of the celebration.
  • Karma Purifying Dharma Rite
    The Karma Purifying Dharma Rite is for those with heavy karmas and are experiencing great hardships in life. It is similar in nature to the Luck Change Dharma Rite, but is reserved for those who truly need heavy purification through blessings and prayers.
  • Seek Marriage Dharma Rite
    The Seek Marriage Dharma Rite is used for those who are struggling with their relationships and are looking for assistance through the power and sacredness of mantras.
  • Divine Birth Dharma Rite
    This Dharma Rite is used to bless a new born child. It helps remove obstacles and purifies their karma.
  • Seek Offspring Dharma Rite
    The Seek Offspring Dharma Rite is used to help a couple who are having problems conceive to have a child.
  • Ghost Busting Dharma Rite
    The Ghost Busting Dharma Rite is used to pacify and rid a house of any negative spirits or entities through the power of the Sangha.
  • Prolong Life Dharma Rite
    The Prolong Life Dharma Rite can powerfully bless a person and ensure that their life go on longer.
  • Bring Forth the Light Dharma Rite
    The Bring Forth the Light Dharma Rite is used to consecrate and bless any kind of item you need to blessed, whether it be personal rosaries or jewelry. It is also used to make holy water and anointed oils. Through the power and purity of the ritual, instruments and tools will become sacred and blessed as well. A practitioner can also perform this in a house to bless and cleanse it.