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Assist the Deceased

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Homage to Ancestors “Assist the Deceased” Dharma Rite Ceremony
The Assist the Deceased Dharma Rite is used to help the soul of a recently deceased loved one to make their final transition to the next realm. Relieve the grief of loss and unresolved attachments. Clear and strengthen your connection to your ancestors while creating ancestral merit.

From August 18 – 25, 2018 at the Lohan Temple.

According to Chinese tradition, the 7th lunar month is called Ghost month. It is believed that there is a thin veil between the gates of hell/spiritual realms and our Earth realm at this time. Traditionally, rituals and festivals are performed for ghosts and deceased ancestors who are free to roam the Earth at this time. Family members then have a chance to offer prayers, food, and drinks to help deceased relatives and also propitiate unknown wandering ghosts to ward off misfortune and disaster.

It is said that this tradition originated when Maudgalyanana asked Shakyamuni Buddha’s help in liberating his deceased mother from suffering. As part of Shakyamuni’s discourse on filial piety, those who wish to practice compassionate filial conduct for the sake of the parents who bore them, as well as for the sake of fathers and mother of seven generations past, should offer food to Buddha and Sangha on the 15th day of the 7th lunar month.

In keeping with tradition, the Lohan Temple (Spiritual and Cultural Center) will conduct Dharma rites from August 18 to August 25, 2018 from the new moon to the full moon on the 7th lunar month.

The rituals performed during this time will help to maintain your connection to and receieve blessings from your ancestors who may have attained high spiritual realms, known as ‘ancestral deities’ in some cultures, as well as help extinguish disasters brought about by your deceased relatives who passed away bearing heavy karmas and who are ‘plundering the merits of their descendants’.

Any who wish to pay homage to ancestors can make an offering of $32, $72, $108, $300, $600, $900, etc. Your name will remain on an altar at the Lohan Temple (Spiritual and Cultural Center) during the Dharma rites to pay homage to living and deceased parents, the parents of the past 7 lives, and ancestors in general.

For those who live in the Las Vegas area, you can visit the temple during any time, and especially during the Dharma rite dates (listed below). You can also bring offerings of food to the temple on the last day of rites (Saturday, August 25th) to participate in the ceremony.

Please submit your name(s), date of birth(s) and offerings before August 18th, however, we will accept names and donations up until August 25th. Call for further details.

For more information see Master Yu’s transcripts on Assisting the Deceased

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