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    • Dashi Steven Baugh †

      The founder and Abbot of the Lohan Temple, and director of the Lohan School of Shaolin, a meditation and martial arts study center in Las Vegas, Nevada, where he taught and held Buddhist, Taoist, and Native American services. He was a personal disciple of Dechan Jueren, 49th lineage bearer of the Chinese Esoteric School, and 47th lineage bearer of the Linji School of Chan/Zen Buddhism. A disciple of Grandmaster Jy Din, he was ordained at Hsu Yun temple in Honolulu in the Zen Buddhist Order of Hsu Yun. He was also a personal disciple of Dzogchen Khenpo Choga Rinpoche in the school of Tibetan Buddhism. Dashi was a personal disciple of Share K. Lew in the Complete Reality lineage of Taoism, and was very closely connected with Sigung Carl Totton of the Taoist Institute. A former hospice chaplain, Dashi counseled families and individuals on coping with bereavement issues. Dashi was also involved with Gang Intervention in Las Vegas, and received several grants for his beneficial spiritual work.


    • Christopher Real

      Shi Fa Jun – Ordained April 2008
      Currently Serving Santa Cruz, California
      Reverend Christopher Real was ordained into the Lohan Order in April 2008. Christopher has been practicing Buddhism and meditation since 1993. He is a long time student of Chinese Medicine and martial arts. Fa Jun currently offers courses in Buddhism, Shaolin Spiritual Kung Fu, Taijiquan, and Meditation by donation in Santa Cruz, California and surrounding areas. He has written a text on modern Buddhist practice called “Warrior Dharma” which is available for download on Fa Jun is actively engaged in the practices of energetic healing, environmental stewardship, writing, teaching, and and other forms of engaged compassion. More information can be found on the website


    • Chris Paul
      Shi Fa Feng – Ordained June 2008
      Currently Serving Georgia
      Reverend Christian Paul is an advanced practitioner of Chinese martial arts with over 25 years of study and practice. The Reverend is ordained in the Lohan Temple, Order of Hsu Yun and also the Quanzhen Daoist School of Complete Reality. He has carried the teachings of Abbot Steven Baugh to the Southeastern United States; selflessly serving the beings of the region. Living as a wandering Priest in Metropolitan Atlanta, Reverend Christian teaches both internal and external techniques as well as upholding and teaching the highest principles of the Middle Way. He may be contacted via email at lohan808 at yahoo dot com.


    • Gregory Pergament

      Shi Fa Xin – Ordained October 2009
      Reverend Gregory S. Pergament was ordained into the Lohan Order in November 2009. Greg has been studying Tai Chi Chuan and Chi Kung since 1995. Greg moved to Las Vegas in 1996 and started studying Tai Chi Chuan and Chi Kung with Sigung Steven Baugh. In June of 2005 Greg was promoted to Black Sash-Associate Instructor at the Lohan School of Shaolin.
      In addition to his teaching duties at the Lohan School of Shaolin, Greg leads Desert Dharma, an Addiction based meditation group at the Lohan Spiritual & Cultural Center and helps with various Buddhist sanghas around Las Vegas. He also teaches Chi Kung at the Las Vegas Recovery Center and recently published a book entitled “Chi Kung in Recovery.”


    • Edgar Hartley

      Shi Fa Feng – Ordained October 2009
      Currently Serving New York City, New York


    • Sifu Kenny Wang

      Shi Fa Jun – Ordained October 2009
      Currently Serving Albuquerque, New Mexico


    • Glenn Smith †

      Shi Fa Jue – Ordained October 2010


    • Sifu James “JC” Cox

      Shi Fa Shu – Ordained October 2010
      Currently serving Las Vegas, Nevada
      Sifu “JC” (M.Q.P) has been passionately studying Chi Kung (Qigong) and Tai Chi (Taiji) for over 18 years with Grand Master Dashi Steven Baugh learning traditional forms of Chi Kung and Tai Chi. Certified Medical Qigong Practioner reverend James “JC” Cox (Priest Fa Shu Shakya) is always glad to help others and has been serving his community as a healer and herbalist for 20 years. JC teaches ongoing classes in Chi Kung, Tai Chi and Tai Chi Sword and Fan along with workshops and seminars on Tea, Herbalism and Natural Medicine, Meditation Courses, Energy Healing Science and Taoism Internal Arts. JC opened his own health store and wellness center and is always glad to assist others.
      For more info visit his websites or


    • Don Wireman, Jr.

      Shi Fa Yin – Ordained October 2010
      Currently serving Las Vegas, Nevada
      Reverend Don Wireman, Jr. was ordained into the Lohan Order as a Buddhist and Taoist priest in October, 2010. Don began studying martial arts in 1985 and Taoism in 1992. He has studied Kung Fu, Tai Chi, and Chi Kung with several different teachers. Don’s primary interests are in the areas of sutra study and meditation. He is the author of “Journey to the Heart-Mind: The Gateway to Inner Silence.”


    • Joseph Conrad

      Shi Yin Ming – Ordained December 2012
      Currently serving Seattle, Washington


  • Fuu Miyatani French

    Shifu Fa Chuan Shakya, ordained in 2016, currently teaching Chan Dhrama via Northern Shaolin, Tai Chi, Praying Mantis Kung Fu and Music Meditation as a Zen Komuso Priest in Osaka, Japan